Some interesting facts about soccer

Discover Some Interesting Records in Soccer


If you’re a soccer fan, you’ll enjoy this quick guide to some interesting records in soccer! We’re here to share some notable achievements in this popular sport, which is known as football in Europe and soccer in North America. No matter what you call it, it’s a sport that requires incredible physical fitness, coordination and team spirit. Without further ado, let’s look at records in soccer, which may just inspire you to step up your personal training, with a mind to becoming the best soccer player that you can be…


Who Scored the Longest Goal?


The longest goal was scored during 2013, so this is a recent achievement. It was the handiwork of Asmit Begovich, who kicked the soccer ball ninety-seven and a half yards during the first part of the match. When he made his goal, he pushed his team, Stoke City, ahead of its opponent, Southampton.


More Fun and Factual Records


Now, let’s talk about FIFA action. In terms of the World Cup, the Netherlands is a team which has made in into the top two two three times without winning the championship. Two of these near-misses happened in the Seventies and the third took place in 2010. The team which most frequently appears in round one of World Cup action, without making it into the next round, is Scotland.


You’ve probably heard of the world’s biggest European football stars, such as Christiano Ronaldo. The USA men’s national team also had a superstar on board, whose career stretched from 1992 to 2004. His name is Cobi Jones and he has scored 15 goals and achieved 164 caps during his time with the team. Although he isn’t the highest scorer statistically, he has the most caps and is one of the most famous American soccer players ever.


Women in the USA have also performed wonderfully during soccer games and they are more than deserving of a mention here. For example, USWNT (United States Women’s National Team) member, Abby Wombach, is the team’s highest scorer ever, with an astonishing 184 goals over a fifteen-year career. Mia Hamm is also a very high scorer and ranks number two for overall goals scored.


Soccer Requires Talent and Dedication


These teams and athletes have excelled due to work ethic. While some players are naturally more talented, it’s safe to say that hard work was a big part of achieving these records in soccer. So, our hat is offer to these hard-working teams and players. They definitely represent the cream of the crop.

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