The benefits of soccer for personal fitness

The benefits of soccer




It’s hard to imagine that one of the world’s most popular sports (and arguably THE most popular sport in the world) is still in its infancy stages in the United States, but at least the game is growing on an annual basis in the US.


More and more men and women (not to mention children of all ages) are getting into the swing of things when it comes to soccer and that’s only good news for the growth of the game. With the success of the US women’s national team bringing home some pretty big titles over the last decade (and the men’s team knocking on the door of doing the exact same thing) the sport has a very bright future.


At the same time, a lot of men and women really aren’t all that familiar with the benefits of soccer or the personal training required to build a soccer ready body. We are going to highlight some of those benefits below (as well as a couple of the drawbacks) just to give you a better idea of a sport that you may want to get into ASAP.


You’ll be forced into building a soccer ready body


It’s absolutely impossible to go about a personal training routine to play soccer without doing a ridiculous amount of running, both long-distance to build up your endurance and short distance sprints to build up your speed.


This is going to absolutely shred every ounce of fat from your body in record time, and before you know it you’re going to have the same kind of body that superstars like Lionel Messi have – slim and compact and ready for explosive movement.


There may not be a better personal training program designed for fat loss than one that gets you ready to tackle the pitch. Your cardiovascular health is going to improve dramatically, your body will become stronger through this kind of personal training, and your agility, hand eye coordination, and speed will all see dramatic increases as well.


There is some risk of injury


Like any other sport, you run the risk of getting injured when you play soccer – especially if you do not take your personal training session seriously.


Lower body injuries are quite common (especially to the knees, hamstring area, and the ankles), and those just getting started with the sport of soccer are definitely going to get their fair share of Shin splints early on.


Don’t let these drawbacks dissuade you


At the end of the day, it’s easy to get injured while playing soccer – but it’s also easy to get injured playing any other sport imaginable, or even just getting up and heading out to work on any random day.


If you’re into the sport of soccer, want to get into one of the world’s most popular games, or just want to play a new sport that will help you get into the best shape of your life, soccer is right for you!

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